Thursday, 18 October 2012

What I've learned and what I plan to do.

So far in this project, I've had different experiences with magazine covers that all helped my understanding of what makes a good front cover. I've made a preliminary task where I was able to learn from the good and bad points of my own work, I looked at the work of 3 previous students and, using my knowledge of the mark scheme, analysed their magazines to help me figure out what works and doesn't work.

All three of these have helped me gain a greater understanding of the conventions used in a magazine.  What I've learned is that the house style and layout are both extremely important, the positioning of images or proportions of text can drastically alter the overall look of the product and make it look either professional or amateur. I'm going to take everything I have learnt into account as I progress towards my final construction
          I've also decided to choose my genre of magazine as well; I wish to do an Indie Rock magazine, however, things like audience research will influence my choices. I'm planning on buying at least one music magazine  to read and then make an analysis of the three main important features: Front Cover, Contents and Feature Article. These are the three things that will I have to create as part of my practical project. Finding a magazine I like to help me understand the conventions could also be useful as a style model, if it is of the same genre.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Project Analysis