Thursday, 22 November 2012

What I've learned

Throughout the long process of analysing my photographs I have learnt alot about what makes a good photograph and what makes a bad photograph. I now know how camera positioning, angles, lighting and mise en scene can drastically affect the quality of a image.
    One of the main problems I ran into was lighting, the main source of light was either natural, which was an unreliable source, or from the ceiling lights, which weren't very useful because they only shone from above. When it comes to the final shoot for the music magazine, I will either make sure that the lighting conditions outside are adequate or use a studio setting with proper lighting equipment so I can adjust it to what I want.
   I've learnt that taking numerous photographs from a variety of angles is the best bet, so I have a range of images to choose from and can pick the best one. Taking my time to choose angles is also a good idea, the angle is essential and making sure that theres enough space around the focus of the image will give me room to edit it later.
   The models of the photo will have to be good at maintaining a natural pose, if the pose doesn't look right it can ruin the photo and make it unprofessional. I will have to take everything I've learnt into account when it comes to my final photo shoot, because it will bring alot to my music magazine.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Photographs Part 3

An overall evaluation and a description of my thoughts on the photo analysis process will be uploaded soon.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Questionnaire 2

Questionnaire 2
Please write/circle the appropriate answers

1) Gender:    Male     Female     Other

2) Age:     13-15     16-18     19-21     21+

3) Do you ever buy music magazines?:     Yes     No

Why/Why not?

If yes to question 3, which magazines?
(Put no more than 4)

What feature of a magazine makes you want to buy it the most?

What sort of features do you like to see in a music magazine?

What do you think the single most important part of the front cover is?

5) Do you think that the music genre of the magazine be - Broad? Or Specific?

In this questionnaire, most of the questions didn't have a multiple choice answer, but a blank space to allow the respondent to write his thoughts and opinions. Unlike the first Questionnaire, this one is going to let me get a better perspective on the opinions of my target audience. Both of them together will be really helpful in allowing me to come up with a picture of what my target audience wants overall.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Questionnaire 1 - Demographics


Please circle your answers

Gender:    Male      Female     Other

Age Group:   13-15   16-18    19-21   21+

Favourite genre:   Pop    Classical   Folk   Blues   Electronic   Hip Hop   Jazz   Reggae   Rock    Indie   Metal   Other (Please state):_______________

How much money do you spend on music monthly?:

£0        £0.01 – 10         £10.01 - £25          £25.01 - £50         £50.01 - £100          £100 +

Do you ever illegally download music?:

All the time         Often       Rarely      Never

How do you mostly listen to music?:

TV      Radio    Music Player    Internet     Computer     Phone    CDs

How often do you buy music magazines?:

Every issue     Often     Rarely     Never

How much are you willing to pay for a music magazine?:

Less than £1       £1 - £2       £2.01 - £3       £3.01 - £4        £4.01 - £5         £5+

How often would you prefer issues to be release?:

Weekly        Fortnightly       Monthly
This Questionnaire is a closed one and mainly focusing on asking the questions I need to know to form an idea of my demographics and target audience; its asks age, gender, genre preference and music habits. When I survey people with this I can use the answers to find out what type of magazine I'm going to make and who for. The second questionnaire will be more open, so I can discover more about the opinions of my target audience on things about content on music magazines and features.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Photos and Questionnaires

When I get back to school after the week off, I will have to plan out photo shoots for my magazine, but first I have to do some audience research and review my previous photos. For the questionnaires, I will have to do one or two to find out the things I want to know and other things that my audience wants, to do this I will have to make an open-ended and closed-ended questions, which will give me a variety in the types of answers I will get. Closed questions are better for finding out the things I'll need to know when making my magazine, such as price range, demographics and genre, while open questions will give me a better look at the actual opinion of my potential audience.
        In the end, I will have found out who my audience is and what they like. This will help me choose what type of genre of music I will have to choose and once I have a genre I can start looking a proper examples for style models. Then I can start choosing what types of photos I want and can arrange photoshoots with my models to pose as the fictional band members. However, before new photos are taken, I also have to go through what makes a good photo and I will do that by going through the images taken for my school magazine, reviewing them and comparing them to professional photos taken for real magazines.