Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Today I hope to get some editing done. I only want a basic cut of it so that I can get an idea of what it looks and feels like, while also highlighting certain shots that I'll need to reshoot this sunday. I have a couple of things that I plan to put up on the blog. Second part of the pitch talking about my idea using screenr, aa podcast talking about the shoot on Sunday, a look at magazine reviews for my ancilliary task and possibly a prezi on the different aspects of the shoot I had to take care of.

Update: I'm unable to do any editing today, but I have planned to do something new. I will use Kizoa to evaluate my script!

Monday, 21 October 2013


Yesterday I went out and shot the duel scene, everything went smoothly with things seeming a bit rushed towards the end, because we were all getting tired. I'll talk at greater length about this in a podcast later this week. I have to go back and reshoot some shots, because I am not satisfied with the quality of some of them! Again, I'll talk about this in more depth in a podcast.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wednesday, 9 October 2013




CU – Eyes

CU – Table and Bag


MS – Simon Sitting

MS  - Table

WS – Simon at Table.

WS – Simon through window.


These are photocopies of my storyboards. They are quick visual representations of the story so I can get an idea of what shots I want to use how I want to put them together. A lot of what is down can be understood from my point of view, which couldn't from someone elses. On a proper film production the director would create storyboards that he and the Director of Photography would both fully understand. Since I'm in both of those roles, I have decided to make them personalised so they're a quick reference point for me when I'm shooting, as other people don't have to fully understand them.

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Pitch Part One

Part one of the pitch. When I go through the second part, hopefully I can take it more slowly!


Today, I went through my storyboards and picked out all of the individual and unique shots that appeared. I wrote them all down in a large shotlist for each scene.

I did this, because the storyboard shows me the sequencing of the shots that I imagine in my head. However, this sequencing is subject to change when it comes to the editing process. While it is helpful in creating the tone and pacing in my head, it doesn't give me an idea of all the individual angles I need to shoot, as the storyboard reuses some.

The shot list is a comprehensive list of ALL of the shots I plan to shoot while on location, not in chronological order, but in order of size, so I can wrap my head around what order to shoot them in while filming. A lot of the shots involve leaving the camera to play throughout the action, whereas some of them are very specific and are only filming a few seconds of footage.

 Overall, this leaves me with a lot of editing options and a lot of footage to sort through in the final editing stages. Leaving the camera running throughout gives me more creative control over the final product. If I stuck religiously to the storyboard I would only film the action that was within each shot in the storyboard. This would leave me with no options when it comes to editing, because I would have only shot the action so that it would only link together the way I storyboarded it.

As I said, with the shot list, I can set up the camera to film the entirety of the action, rather than what is shown on the storyboard, and check off each shot as I go along. Although it does mean I have a lot of footage, which will take a longer time to edit, it means that if I feel that I'd rather use a wide shot at one particular time rather than the close up, I can do that without worrying about whether I had actually shot the wide angle.

Soon, I will also upload my storyboards and might also upload shotlist, but I might not, as it's a long boring list of shots with nothing interesting on it!

Test Footage

The weather hasn't been great, meaning the day I was originally going to film the introduction sequence on was cancelled. I did get time yesterday, but the actor had arranged a hair cut for today. This meant their be noticeable conflicts in continuity between scenes. Instead of taking the day off, we went out and shot test footage, so I could see if what I was going for looked good. I'll edit it together and upload it soon! I also have another video having a better look at the costumes in the works.