Monday, 16 December 2013

Uses and Gratifications: Franchises


Thursday last week I got out to film some more of the short film and took some pictures to use for my poster. I've had trouble organizing the sequence in the film that takes place in the character's home due to the props I need, a radio and western posters etc. However, I do hope to get that filmed this week so I can get on with the editing, which has been slowed down, because I haven't finished filming.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Fonts for Poster

Poster Update and FLAT PLANS

Ive played around with the images I have and have a mock up of the poster. This isn't final as I am not using images from the short film, or taken proper images for the poster. These are from my location scouting posts, but my short will include similar images that I will use. I have marked on rough placements of the different parts of the poster. I like the green colour palette and the two halves of the poster: the real world and the fantasy and I think this style lends itself to my short film.

Here are my current drawn flat plans for both my magazine and poster with two variants of each.



Current Edit Questionnaire

I'm going to show the short film to a few people and get them to fill out the short questionnaire I created in response to the current rough cut of the duel.