Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Questionnaire Answers - open (eval prep)

These are a few selected answers from different people in my open questionnaire (the age and gender statistics were around the same as the open)

1) What did you think about the magazine? Explain why.
I think its great, it really looks authentic!

Looks good, like the way its set out

2) Would you consider buying it if it were on sale? Explain why?

Yeah, it has a really affordable price.

The price is reasonable and I think I would buy it if it were on sale. It looks real.

3) Which part did you prefer: Front Cover, Contents or the Feature article? Explain why.
Front Cover: It’s the part that attracts me the most to magazine, because it seems like its packed with content

Feature Article: I normally flip to the feature article when browsing, and this one really catches my attention

4) What is your opinion on the layout?
Its laid out really well, but I feel that the contents is underdeveloped.

I thought the layout was suiting and felt it added to the magazines quality.

5) What is your opinion on the pictures?
Good quality pictures, they’d make me buy the magazine.

Awesome. Think the contents ones are pretty cool

6) What is your opinion on the colour scheme?

I liked the colour scheme. It complimented the other features
It didn’t stand out, which I think is good, because it worked but was subtle about it

7) What is your opinion on the fonts?
The fonts were interesting. they worked well.

They looked original and something I hadn’t seen before. Suited the genre.

8) Would you recommend it to others? Explain why.

I have friends that I would definitely recommend this to, it looks like the type of music they’re into
Yeah, Indie Rock fans will like it.

9) Do you feel it is age appropriate? Explain why.
The models look like they’re my age, so I think it would appeal to our age group.

Doesn’t seem like its for older people, just suits our age group

10) Which parts do you feel are the MOST effective? Explain why.
I think the colours are the most effective. They fit the style of the magazine without getting in the way of whats important.

The layout. It screams Indy Rock. Loved the arrangement.
Colours were most effective, they looked nice and thought they were just right

11) Which parts do you feel are the LEAST effective? Explain why.
At points I thought the fonts were undeveloped and didn’t work effectively.

 The actual content of the magazine could have been a bit better, didn’t always read as authentic.
None! I thought it all worked really well.

12) Any General comments/ improvements?
Fonts need some work.

More engaging content.


The closed questionnaire is somewhat more helpful than an open: I can get a real sense of the OPINION  of my audience, but I can't add it up and turn it into meaningful statistics. I'm going to make powerpoint drawing together the results to show how I drew in, attracted and addressed my audience! :) I hope to post that tomorrow or tonight if it turns out well.

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