Sunday, 27 April 2014

Audience Response Open (Eval prep)

Here are a selection of answers from the open questionnaire - answered b 15 people , again a range of ages 16 -21 and some upwards and a mix of males and females.
  1. Did you enjoy the short film? Explain why?

    Yes, I really enjoyed it, I liked how it went from the black and white to the colour and was like two different pieces.

    Yeah its short and entertaining.

    I thought it was an easy watch. Thoroughly enjoyed.
  1. What was your favourite part about the short film?

    Loved the music

    My favourite part was the duel. I thought it was very exciting.

    The story I wasnt sure what was going on and really liked the twist at the end.

  1. What was your opinion of the storyline? Why do you think this?

    It sucked me in, liked the contrast between the western and the real life
    I didn't think it went anywhere - wasn't sure if I liked it, the twist didn't catch me off guard.

    Loved the black and white part, really unsettling.

    I completely understood it. Great!

  1. Is there anything you didn’t understand about the storyline? 

    No, it was all good!

    Understood it all, no problems.

    Wasn't sure what the drawings were about. Did they come alive? 

  1. What is your opinion of the locations chosen?

    The locations suited the story. Worked really well.
    Good choice of location, didnt distract.

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  1. What is your opinion of the acting?

    Really enjoyed the main actors performance kept me engaged.

    Overall they did a good job, but the bad guys didn't have much to do.

  1. Would you recommend this video to others? Why?

    Its short and easy to watch I know some friends who would really enjoy it
    Yeah, I'd definitely try and share something like this with friends.

  1. What is your opinion of the music in this short?

    Thought it fit perfectly especially during the black and white part.
    It added to the atmosphere. Good choice.

  1. What parts of the film were the MOST effective? Why?

    I loved the intense close ups during the duel - very effective.
    The transition caught me off guard, great way to move the story forward.

    The main actor kept me engaged throughout the entire film.

    The twist was my favourite part. How it lingered for a moment then cut to the black.

  1. Which parts of the film were LEAST effective?

    I didn't think the deaths had any weight or depth, they just happened with no effects.
    The last shot was a bit wobbly, put me off a little bit, but not that much.

    There wasn't much camera movement.

    Do you have anything else to add? How do you feel we could make this video better?

    I think it should return to the western music when it cuts to black, think that would add to the tone and more interesting resolution.

    We need a sequel - Drawn.

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