Monday, 15 July 2013


I've again been thinking about ideas for my practical project. I think, due to the school audience and context as a piece of A2 coursework, I might stay further away from the slasher horror/gore filled short film. I'm unsure on whether or not it would work for two reasons.
  1. Can I realistically portray violence and gore on a pratical and academic level? Will the exam board allow me to and if I did, could I even pull it off?
  2. Can my actors be taken seriously?
I think point to is the most important, I only have access to 16-17 year olds at the oldest and I find that the audience of the piece, both the students I have to show it to and secondly the exam board, might not be able to take a sixteen year old seriously in the role.

I've been told by many people on the internet to "cast teenagers as teenagers". Don't make them out to be something that they're not. They're not 65 drug lords and their also not murdering psycopaths. I'm probably going to have to figure something else out.

As an abstract short film I want it to revolve around a theme, something that the visuals can represent and something the audience can understand and connect with. I believe that themes like isolation or happiness will suit it well. Although the film hasn't been released yet, I think that in Only God Forgives the director uses corridors to represent the character's inability to pursue their hopes, even though they can see it stretched out before them. That sort of thought is what I want to include in my short film! I will post sometime later this week with more solid ideas.

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