Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Audience Feedback Consensus

Positive: First off, the audience and a overall positive opinion on the duel sequence. Most comments talked about the use of close ups, the soundtrack, the costumes and the actors - all 'believable'. I'm really happy with the response. They mostly seemed to enjoy it and think it was 'exciting' the feedback has boosted my confidence in the duel scene.

Negative/Constructive: This mostly centered around things I already haves plans to alter/do, mostly with regards to completing the effects and sounds (of the gun). With some few comments relating to Charlie's character, the main bag guy, who doesn't do much the entire duel making his character rather 'uninteresting'. Which is something I can't really change at this stage.

I'm planning on uploading the current cut of the duel onto youtube to show on the blog for reference.

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