Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Magazine and Poster

Plans: I've made the decision to use Sight & Sound as the magazine I will review my short film through. I'm currently writing the article which will feature a review/behind the scenes information on the film and then a short interview with the director to fill in the gaps left by the article on the page.
Updates: I'm keeping print screens of every step through the creation of the magazine so at the end I can post a step by step powerpoint of the creation of the magazine with my commentary on how I created/designed it.

Plans: So far I've created a template of sorts for my poster and from that I need to begin creating it in photoshop properly. I used some photos from the location scouts as place holders and discovered a layout I really liked and thought reflected the narrative/tone of the short.
Updates: I think with the poster I'll update it as I go along as opposed to the Magazine updates that I want to do in one post. This can give a view on how it develops and my choices as I progress.

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