Monday, 17 March 2014

Magazine Evaluation

Here is my final draft of my magazine. I'm very happy with the turn out; it resembles the style model and looks like a real magazine article. This is all to do with the colours and layout. The columns and text are the right width, height and size, so the audience recognizes it as a genuine magazine.
The red and greyscale colours feature dominantly in Sight&Sound and the emulation of that significantly benefits my article. The simple layout is the same as my style model and its very effective, it shows that its primary audience is not the same as Empire or Total Film; it is not bright, colourful and littered with images.
The image would appealing to my target audience, it quickly and concisely reflects the tone and genre of the film without spoiling anything. The profile section is something I had to invent. Normally Sight&Sound feature the credits, but there were only four people working on my short film, three of them being actors, so the crew section would be underwhelming to say the least.
I'm happy with the content of the article, it still needs to be check over by a teacher, but it contains all the information a Sight&Sound reader would be interested in: BTS, Review, Discussion of themes.
The inclusion of this information makes it easily accessible for both a general audience AND a more film literate audience. The website link recognizes that my audience uses and accesses technology, an important feature to engage my audience and show them that they can access the magazines work from anywhere.
As with all S&S articles, there is no rating system, such as a score out of 10 or stars used to indicate how good something is. The magazine expects the audience to read the article and judge how good it is themselves through the critics writing.
Overall, I'm very happy with what I have achieved: the overall look and content. I feel that it would interest my target audience and find a play in S&S easily. I must create a survey to record my target audience's opinion on this.

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