Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Flat Plan

This is the flatplan I drew up, using MOJO as a style model. I really like the style and I think it reflects the Indie vibe that I want to go for to appeal to my target audience. The colour scheme of the original is also very interesting. However, there are some problems:
  •  Mojo's core demographics are men over the 30. The old, retro style of the magazine is aimed at them. Although, it is worth noting that the style does appeal to indie fans.
  • The CD - even if I can justify having a CD because of my audience analysis, I don't want to alienate some of my target audience just because it has a CD and not a digital download.
I need to look at more magazines that seem as if they could act as style models, because I might find one that suits my target audience a lot more. However, as it is, I really like the MOJO style model and think it accurately represents the style of magazine my target audience wants.

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