Thursday, 13 June 2013

Editing, Post Production and General Thoughts

Post production has to be my least favourite part of film making. Well, it isn't actually that bad, but I find that the tediousness of the process shows through more than it does when on set and filming, because you're sitting there doing the same thing over and over again rather than moving about and doing different tedious tasks while filming.
That being said, despite the bore of fine tuning clips and colour grading every individual section of the sequence, I'm having fun. That's only because the chase itself is funny. Due to an excellent choice by Kaan, we have a song that makes everybody who has seen it laugh.

It's a short and simple chase sequence that doesn't really have any meaning so in terms on cinematography or mise en scene we haven't really achieved much to be honest. It's action and so the shots and editing are used to accommodate the humorous tone. If we had went for something more suspenseful or tense, we would have used the camera to actually do something with that. But, as it is, its a short and funny chase with only minor camera or mise en scene points that actually stand out.

I'm using iMovie to edit the film and it's both a blessing and a curse. It simple, accessible and does most of the things I want and need it to do, but at the same time, it is what it is: a free piece of editing software that has the basics and nothing more. The control over the colours, clips and sound are limited, but its instant playback is extremely helpful. I have a feeling that for my final project, it will be a mix of iMovie and Adobe Premiere for editing, as I feel more comfortable with Premiere and it can do a lot more.

As it is, the chase is sort of finished. I've edited all of the footage into sequence and moved things around so it all makes sense. iMovie also has a nifty feature that lets me change the colour balance and make it look more suiting. I'll do a later update on this to show the effects and upload pictures of before and after.

The last thing that remains is one song and some tweaking of audio. The song featured in the last part is in place, but I still need to put in the song that is featured during the actual chasing and one that conveys the tone we're trying to achieve, which is humour. Kaan, of course, is in charge of finding and choosing that music, because I don't know the difference between Lil Wayne and Little Mix...

However, I also have to edit the audio of the clips, but I'm unsure as to whether or not to keep the background sound or to have it solely soundtrack. I'll have to decide this tomorrow, when'll hopefully I've finished editing the video! :)

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