Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Preliminary: Second Chase

On Monday our media class split into two groups in order to go off and create our own chase sequences. In my group there was Kaan, Ryan and me. 

To start off with we scouted around the school for locations, while brainstorming potential ideas. We found as suitable place to film that suited our short narrative and went and found some 'actors'. One of our friends who had a free lesson ended up helping us out, while me and Kaan opted to fill in the two other roles.

We all worked together on the camera, calling shots, suggesting alternatives and working the equipment. We filmed it in less than an hour, returned to the classroom when the battery ran out then went back out to do some additional photography, getting shots we didn't manage to begin with and thinking of new ways to make it interesting.

We also had access to a range of equipment. Since it was a chase we didn't really need any sound equipment such as a microphone or a boom; the plan was to overlay music to create the atmosphere anyway. However, we did make use of the tripod and the small handheld steadicam that was available. The tripod was useful for creating static shots and using a variety of angles. Although the steadicam was helpful in that it was point and shoot rather than a painstakingly long tripod set up, meaning we could think of a shot and shoot it straight away. The steadicam did have its limitations though, it wasn't perfectly helpful when we decided to run with it and the nature of the equipment meant we couldn't shoot at any angles such as from below or from above.

Tomorrow the idea is to edit it, which we will do on the Macs on iMovie. I'm going to suggest to my group that I take the footage home and colour correct it on my computer at home on Adobe premier to make the footage look a lot less bland. I haven't used colour correction or colour grading before, but I would love to use it for my final product to create a cinematic quality that will set it apart from other products. I have began to conceptualize the moving image that I want to make and I hope to make use of all the equipment available and go big!

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