Monday, 17 June 2013


 This is a screenshot from the iMovie editing area. I've cut all my clips and you can see I've also put in my music. We wanted a heavy metal song to play over the chase to fit with the fast paced tone of the footage, but also its intro is funny.

Here is the transition "cross fade" effect in the timeline. I used this because it fit with the humour and the cool vibe from the song; acting like a 'badass' montage for the main character.
 Here is a frame from the video where the crossfade is used. I think its a nice crossfade, because it fades between two one point perspective shots. (the first isn't much of a one point perspective shot, but it's close enough.)

This is my audio set up. I had to make the two seperate songs fade into one another, because otherwise it felt too sudden and forced when they placed normally. So I blended them together, creating a more fluid and natural flow between the two songs.

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