Monday, 9 September 2013

George Lucas in Love

George Lucas in Love is a short film parodying the conception of Star Wars. It follows George Lucas, a university student with writer's block, as he travels around campus going about his daily life. Everything he encounters parodies and references Star Wars in one way or another, creating a humorous story that is easy to follow.

The short has a pretty simple premise, but it has a flawless execution. Despite not having much going for it in terms of cinematography, the direction and writing are great and drive it to success. The production design is successful in emulating the different aspects of Star Wars and it works along with the sound design to create humour.

With something like this, the Production and Sound Design, and writing are the aspects I need to pay attention to if I want to be successful with my own short. Although I don't want to create something of a similar tone, it can still be a film that I can learn from.

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