Thursday, 19 September 2013

Location Scouting Part II

 Potential Establishing Shots
I like the idea of having a shot of the city from a distance as an establishing shot, giving the short a location. However I'm not sure if its necessary or will add anything to the piece. When I get to filming I will get the footage just in case.


 First location of the day!
On our way to the second (and final) location we decided to take a detour for no reason other than to just take a longer walk. We stumbled across this place by accident and it happens to be my favourite out of all of them! I really like the space and the trees lining the background and it feels so isolated, it has trees around every side.

 I really like how this particular location works with the sun and the lighting it produces. However, to get this I'd have to film at certain times of day and there could always be clouds causing a problem. I think every feature adds up to give a sense of depth and creates an interesting location.

 Location Dieux:
This is the location I set out to find. The other day I found it, but it was raining and Liam and I couldn't be bothered to walk all the way to the otherside of the field so left it till today.
It wasn't as impressive up close as it looked from afar. The landscape is curved and the trees open up to show the industrial sites across the river. I like the longer grass, but I just don't feel like this location creates the same atmosphere as the previous one.

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