Saturday, 14 September 2013

Location Scouting

I went out location scouting with my friends and took some pictures of the different places I came across. These first two areas are pretty nice and are very close to each other, the problem being that there isn't much flat land and its mostly all hill, with the skyline being dominated by the surrounding town and industrial areas. For the standoff sequence I think the area should be more open and be flatter. I know I can't find an area that looks pure western, so I'll have to find a local area that creates the same tone. (i.e open, spacious, flat 

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(On the Road)

This area is more of the style I want, but it again is too uphill and not spacious enough. I like the nice green colours, which will likely contrast the costumes I pick, but I'll probably alter it in camera when filming so it isn't as vibrant.

Potential areas for the introduction 

Again this area can be part of the introduction, when the character is on the walk. The landscape is interesting an offers a transition into the area he will find himself in at the end of the short.


I love this area with the rocks; from the correct perspective they can feel grand and important. I'd really like to use them to create the sense of adventure when the main character is on his walk. I think the third picture conveys the atmosphere he is experiencing.

This is one of the better areas I found on this walk. It is the perfect size and the surrounding trees establish the geography of the environment. I used the wide angle lens and found that the area suited the scale I wanted to create. One problem with this area is a practical issue, with it being a long distance from my home and often walked across by people, despite this I'm considering it for my final location.

 This is another spacious area, but the tarmac is pretty bland and uninteresting. It doesn't really establish the same tone and atmosphere that the other locations did.

Much like the previous one, the tarmac doesn't really feel right to me. I like the contrast in background that I would get if I used it, with the main character having the sky right behind him and the two antagonists with the treeline on them.

This area wasn't very good for me. The grass was thicker, which was an interesting feature, but it was too cluttered and there wasn't enough room to do anything in.

This area was too sloped, had houses in the skyline and horses were just over a little dip to the left. It's closer to home, but nothing I'd really want to use.

Some more areas the protag. could walk through

 This location is great as well. The second place, which is the more specific location i'd use, looks like it could work, but has a problem of being very close to houses, meaning that I would have to be careful where I place the camera in order not to show the houses. I like it more than some of the other places, but I'm not certain on it. I'd like to get a camera out there during daylight to look at it.

It started to rain so I put the camera away, but a short while after this I came across the perfect location. It was the right size and had the best surrounding area, with plenty of room to shoot. I'll have to get out to take some pictures of it, as I only managed to take a picture on my phone.

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