Friday, 16 November 2012

Questionnaire 2

Questionnaire 2
Please write/circle the appropriate answers

1) Gender:    Male     Female     Other

2) Age:     13-15     16-18     19-21     21+

3) Do you ever buy music magazines?:     Yes     No

Why/Why not?

If yes to question 3, which magazines?
(Put no more than 4)

What feature of a magazine makes you want to buy it the most?

What sort of features do you like to see in a music magazine?

What do you think the single most important part of the front cover is?

5) Do you think that the music genre of the magazine be - Broad? Or Specific?

In this questionnaire, most of the questions didn't have a multiple choice answer, but a blank space to allow the respondent to write his thoughts and opinions. Unlike the first Questionnaire, this one is going to let me get a better perspective on the opinions of my target audience. Both of them together will be really helpful in allowing me to come up with a picture of what my target audience wants overall.

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