Thursday, 22 November 2012

What I've learned

Throughout the long process of analysing my photographs I have learnt alot about what makes a good photograph and what makes a bad photograph. I now know how camera positioning, angles, lighting and mise en scene can drastically affect the quality of a image.
    One of the main problems I ran into was lighting, the main source of light was either natural, which was an unreliable source, or from the ceiling lights, which weren't very useful because they only shone from above. When it comes to the final shoot for the music magazine, I will either make sure that the lighting conditions outside are adequate or use a studio setting with proper lighting equipment so I can adjust it to what I want.
   I've learnt that taking numerous photographs from a variety of angles is the best bet, so I have a range of images to choose from and can pick the best one. Taking my time to choose angles is also a good idea, the angle is essential and making sure that theres enough space around the focus of the image will give me room to edit it later.
   The models of the photo will have to be good at maintaining a natural pose, if the pose doesn't look right it can ruin the photo and make it unprofessional. I will have to take everything I've learnt into account when it comes to my final photo shoot, because it will bring alot to my music magazine.

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