Monday, 12 November 2012

Questionnaire 1 - Demographics


Please circle your answers

Gender:    Male      Female     Other

Age Group:   13-15   16-18    19-21   21+

Favourite genre:   Pop    Classical   Folk   Blues   Electronic   Hip Hop   Jazz   Reggae   Rock    Indie   Metal   Other (Please state):_______________

How much money do you spend on music monthly?:

£0        £0.01 – 10         £10.01 - £25          £25.01 - £50         £50.01 - £100          £100 +

Do you ever illegally download music?:

All the time         Often       Rarely      Never

How do you mostly listen to music?:

TV      Radio    Music Player    Internet     Computer     Phone    CDs

How often do you buy music magazines?:

Every issue     Often     Rarely     Never

How much are you willing to pay for a music magazine?:

Less than £1       £1 - £2       £2.01 - £3       £3.01 - £4        £4.01 - £5         £5+

How often would you prefer issues to be release?:

Weekly        Fortnightly       Monthly
This Questionnaire is a closed one and mainly focusing on asking the questions I need to know to form an idea of my demographics and target audience; its asks age, gender, genre preference and music habits. When I survey people with this I can use the answers to find out what type of magazine I'm going to make and who for. The second questionnaire will be more open, so I can discover more about the opinions of my target audience on things about content on music magazines and features.

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